DC Brau Brewing Company

3178-B Bladensburg Rd. NE,Washington,District of Columbia20018


The fact that D.C. has become a world-class beer town is undeniable. The choices available to the local beer nerdery are staggering and ever expanding. The neighborhood corner stores continue to add microbrews to their stock and it seems that a dynamite draft selection is essential to any new bar that opens. Restaurants regularly hold beer dinners featuring multi-course food and beer pairings and for seven days in the spring, during DC Beer Week, the number of beer-themed events can make the head spin. At a handful of downtown brewpubs the beer enthusiast can sample a variety of house made brews. What D.C. has not had in over 60 years, however, is a brewery whose product is available in local stores and on tap outside of its site of production.



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