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Fuglebækvej 2 C,Kastrup2770



Our small microbrewery is located in a picturesque industrial neighbourhood near the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and the airport in the city of Taarnby. There is absolute no doubt that we run the safest brewing enterprise in the country as our premises used to be an air-raid shelter. Our premises have also been used for storing bibles, hence reigns an atmosphere of divine tranquillity only otherwise found in Belgian monasteries. Well... Founders of the brewery are the two friends and dedicated home brewers Mr. Morten Valentin Lundsbak and Mr. Jacob Storm, who since the opening of the brewery have achieved diplomas of their skills as they have become Diploma Brewers at the Scandinavian School of Brewing. It is our ambition to cater to all beer lovers - every time, which is why we only use pure ingredients during the brewing process. We make no shortcuts by using artificial additives to speed or help the processes. Furthermore, we have deliberately chosen neither to pasteurize nor filter our beer as we would like to preserve the best possible flavours and aromas. We allow the beer to mature completely in the bottle before releasing it to the market. This process implies that a natural sediment may remain in the bottle. This sediment can easily be consumed, but if an aesthetic beer experience is desired, pour the beer gently into the glass without the sediment. And preferably use a high pour to get the full and frothy head as well as to release all the pleasant aromas from this well-brewed beer from Amager Bryghus.


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